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Are you in need of a friend to study with? Participate in the “A friend online” activity!

Do you feel like you’re mostly studying away by yourself? It can be difficult to meet other students during distance learning. Many would probably like to have a new friend to study or to just share thoughts and experiences with. Take part in the “A friend online” activity and find yourself a remote study friend! "A friend online" activity is for Diak´s students.

The objective of the activity is to bring together students with similar interests. You can freely choose for how long, how often and through what platform (e.g., Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp) you meet. The goal more than anything is to get to meet other students and find peer support in your studies.

The application form is currently open. Your application is handled confidentially and you will be contacted you as soon as possible. For more information, please contact Student Councellor Maarit Heusala ( or Project Manager Leea Naamanka (

’’A friend online’’ activity is for Diak´s students. It is part of the Wellbeing through counselling project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Apply now here.